Antonio Taulutoa - Administrator

TAntonio Taulutoa.

Before joining council, Antonio was working as a casual cleaner at the hospital and studying full-time at Best Pacific Institute of Education. Today he is still studying towards a national diploma in business with the hopes of one day gaining a management position within Auckland Council.

Antonio saw a window of opportunity and he wasn't going to let it pass him by. While applying for a role on the cadet programme, he felt joy and excitement knowing that he was about to embark on a new venture that can take him further personally and professionally.

His outlook on life is simple, to fulfil his potential and to better himself to be the best he can be. Applying for the cadet programme has not only been an employment gain but a foundation for a long term career path within the organisation. Antonio also applied because he want to make a difference in his community and to set an example for his fellow young people. Often enough our young people are caught up in situations where there is bleak hope and find that life is a never ending battle. Anything is possible if you look at life as a test of your capabilities.

Every day is a bit of challenge but I guess getting to know the role I'm in has to be at the top of the list. This has all being a new experience for me and I found it quite challenging in the beginning. The key was to ask questions, no matter how big or small to gain understanding of what is required.